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Nadia & Micaela

Nadia and Micaela

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Nadia Kurz

One day someone told me “When you arrive the sun arrives too!” Quite a compliment, perhaps exaggerated but representative of how I see myself to be.My hope today, by remembering that sentence, is to transmit that same feeling to my clients through my work and the intense passion that I put in everything I do.

I am a motivated, loyal and creative person. I could say I am also idealistic, giving me the background to put together the ideal wedding merging dreams and reality.

I got a degree in Languages in Germany and after that I had different job experiences in France and Switzerland. I have travelled abroad a lot, thanks to the profession I started a while ago as Events and Meetings Organizer. Because of the passion I put in this kind of activity, I have been stimulated to enrich my experience by co-setting up our ideal company and partnership,Moon and Sun Weddings & Events.

Through Moon & Sun, I would like to give life to the desires of my clients through personalized weddings and events, using my skills and creativity. The words by J.W.V. Goethe, have accompanied me, all these years “Great results can only be obtained through great passion!”

Micaela Sangermano

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes
but in having new eyes”
– Marcel Proust
Italy Tips is an association based in Rome, that promotes places in Italy normally hidden to the tourist eye. I believe Italy is a country full of special surprises, both for the landscapes, the food, the history and the art and this is the reason why I decided to start this Association, in cooperation with local and international authorities and companies, in order to give direct local assistance to foreign people and accommodate residents requests at the same time. By the cooperation with Moon & Sun we can offer to the wedding couple and their guests a nice stay, being everything fully organized, genuine, true and far from mass tourism.

I think every journey leaves in your earth some sensations, and these add value to the people who live it. With the support of my Association, I would like foreign people, who come visiting Italy for any reason, to go back home with a unique and touching experience that they will never forget.