Wedding Ceremonies

How do you imagine your wedding ceremony?

Civil Ceremony

It is possible to celebrate a civil ceremony only in locations recognised by the authorities: town halls, villas, castles, terraces, cloisters or beaches.
Legal procedure may vary depending on town hall offices and bookings need to be confirmed a long time before, especially in most popular places. The couple has to be available some days before for the pre-wedding promise.
A civil ceremony lasts about 15 minutes and it is required the presence of the mayor (or a town hall representative), of an interpreter and at least two witnesses.
They read in Italian some articles of the Italian Civil Code about marriage and they are translated by an interpreter. In many town halls it is possible to bring some flowers and enrich the ceremony with musicians and singers.

Religious ceremony

The religious procedure to get married in a church usually includes the civil one as well. The couple has to certify that they are ready to create a new family and they have to follow some steps required by the Parish. It is possible to enrich the chosen church with flowers and music, according with the church itself. At least two witnesses need to be present and they have to sign the registers to let the wedding be legally recognised.

Symbolic ceremony and renewal of vows

A symbolic ceremony is not legally recognised but it’s an exchange of vows and promises. There is a celebrant who reads some poems and asks the couple to exchange their promises and rings. It can be very intimate and romantic and it can be organized in any places (nice rooms with a view, a garden, by the sea, on a terrace..) and you don’t have to prepare any paperwork. At the end, the couple signs a certificate of marriage, not to forget this special moment. You can also choose to have some flowers and live classic music during the ceremony, for the entrance of the bride or for the most intimate moments.
It lasts around 20 minutes and you don’t need any witnesses. This kind of ceremony is also celebrated for couples who want to renew their vows, being already married.

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